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Terms and Conditions Caruno Rent Car Cluj

The rented car must be used with respecting all the traffic laws in force at the territory of the country. Any violation of the laws with the rented car will cause additional costs for the client.
The rented car must not be used for transporting persons, materials or for towing other cars for a fee.
The rented car must not be used for transporting dangerous materials or illegal substances, all the responsibility for this kind of activities are on the client.

The rented car must not be used over its technical limits and at auto races. In case of any failure during this kind of activities, will be made a technical report about the auto, and all the damages will be pay by the client.
The rented car must be driven by the person(s) mention in the contract, named driver(s). All the drivers must be mentioned in advance. Breaching this will cause the resolution of the contract.

The rented car can not be driven by novice drivers (less than 1 year experience.)
It is strictly prohibited to drive the rented car under consumption of alcohol, drugs or other illegal substances. In case of generating an accident, and the driver had consumed alcohol, drugs or other illegal substances, the client will respond materially for all the caused damage, inclusive for the damage caused from the stationary of the car (during the reparation period), in limit within a common-accord price.

When you leave the car, even in guarded parking places, do not forget to close the doors and to take with you all the original papers.  Paying the parking tickets is the client’s responsibility.
The client must return the car at the end of the rental period in the initial state. Any change from the initial state by hit, score, any destroy, not the same fuel level or not the same clean state will cause the retention of a certain amount of money from the deposit.
It is forbidden to sell, change or leave the car in pledge.


The client must be minimum 21 years old and/or to own a driving license, cat. B, for at least one year. The staff of CARUNO is reserving the right to refuse a client without any explanation.


The minim rental car period is 4 days. Until 2 hour delay with returning the car you must to pay 20 euro/hour. For more than 2 hours delay you must to pay the fee of a whole day. Delay with more than 8 hour will be announced to the police with suspicion of theft and the guarantee will be kept back.
The rented car is delivered in good technical –functional state, without any hidden vices. The owner is obligated to announce the client about any problems, small damages of the car. The client has the right to refuse to rent the car


The renting prices are represented at the site, depending from car type, and renting period. Haggling is possible in case of more than 30 days. At the delivery or at the beginning of the contract must be paid the whole price for the renting period and the deposit too.
Payment can be made in Euros or RON in cash or credit / debit Master / Visa.
The price INCLUDES all the taxes like: compulsory insurance, full insurance casco, Rovinieta, plus the taxes for the additional driver.
Prices DO NOT INCLUDES: fuel, parking and traffic fines, flat tire, tire flashed from different reasons.


All the cars have full CASCO insurance, valid at the territory of Romania.
In case of leaving the borders of the country, the client must to pay additional insurance for theft and accident and the notary authorization.
  • The insurance covers all the damages of an accident and other small incidents caused by other person than the client.
  • The insurance does not cover the damages caused in a race, scratches, hubcap broken, flat tire.
  • The insurance does not cover engine’s damages caused by improper use of the car and other damages caused by clients fault, consuming alcohol, drugs or other illegal substances.
  • The insurance does not cover the theft in case when the key is left in the car, with the doors open. For compensation you must to shown up the original key and the original papers of the car.
  • During this contract, the client is the responsible for all the damages caused for a third part if the value of the damages are beyond the insured amount.
  • The insurance does not cover the traffic penalties during contract, they must be paid by the client. When the penalty is arriving by post, at a later date, will be posted to the client.
  • The necessary documents to rent a car
  • Identity card/passport in original and copy.
  • Driving license in original and copy.

The guarantee is payable depending on the type of car and the extra insurance package or the extra km package chosen and depending on the driver's age, it varies between 100 € -1500 €.

Full insurance is charged between 9 € -25 € / day additional cost, and the differentiated rates have the limit of km. It varies between 50km / day, 100km / day or 200km / day or unlimited depending on the extra chosen package.

The price for unlimited km packages varies between 5 € -25 € / day.


The deposit is paid according to the type of car and the extra insurance package or the extra km package chosen and depending on the age of the driver, it varies between 100 € - 2500 €.

1. The prices displayed on the site are without extra deposit and fall into the category of deposits (guarantee) ranging from 800 € - 2500 €.
2. The prices that include extra full casco deposit have a guarantee between 100 € - 400 €.

Caruno Rent a Car does not guarantee the brand and the type of car, just the category. In some cases, we will not be able to deliver your chosen car, but we will serve you with a car of the same category or larger and more expensive, but at the same price.

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