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Frequent questions

  How do I make a reservation?

You can make a booking request very easily. Press the Cars button and choose the model that suits your needs and then press book. After filling in the booking form and selecting additional options, if any, press booking request.
After receiving the answer you have to send a copy of your passport or ID card and of your driving license. Caruno rent a car company will send you in advance the invoice you will have to pay, and from that moment a reservation is successfully made. 

  How do I get the confirmation for my booking?

If you filled the booking form you will receive an email confirming that your reservation has been successfully made. You will receive a Registration Number only after you have made the advance payment, which will confirm your reservation request.
As soon as possible our employees will contact you by phone or email and will present the best car offers available.
How do I make the advance payment?
Caruno rent a car will issue an electronic invoice after you send a copy of the ID. You can make the payment by bank transfer from any bank in the world.

  How can I reach you in the airport?

Because we want for your arrival at the airport to benefit from our promptitude and secure services, we will be waiting for you at the airport with a sign on which you will find the company name Caruno rent a car, and the name that you made the reservation car.


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