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About Hybrid Cars

Global warming is a growing problem due to pollution and CO2 emissions. The Caruno A Car fleet offers you the possibility to rent hybrid cars also known as "green" cars due to the low degree of pollution.

Whether you're on a business trip or on vacation, hybrid cars will suit your needs.
Are they hybrid cars or an environmentally friendly and smart choice? We at Caruno Rent A Car set out to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of renting a hybrid car.

Advantages of Hybrid Cars

1. Hybrid cars reduce CO2 emissions. There are several reasons to rent a hybrid car. By far, the biggest benefit of renting a hybrid car is the impact on the environment. Renting cars on gasoline or diesel are well known for the release of harmful exhaust gases, including carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. Hybrid cars are designed to reduce air pollution. Instead of running entirely on gasoline, hybrid cars rely on electricity, which is the main source, and when the electricity runs out, the car returns to the internal combustion engine.
2. Renting a hybrid car costs less. In general, renting a hybrid car is twenty times cheaper. You spend less and receive more benefits, these are an excellent composite, especially when it comes to a family vacation. Alternative fuel sources, such as electricity, significantly reduce travel costs, giving hybrid car rental customers an accessible and efficient form of transportation.
3. Performance When we think of renting hybrid cars, they offer passengers the benefits of the electric motor, but also of the fuel engine. The electric part of the hybrid car improves the fuel efficiency of the vehicle, especially when driving in the city. This helps to prevent fuel consumption when it is very crowded. If you plan to drive more on the highway during the holidays, renting a hybrid car will help you switch to the internal combustion engine and thus take advantage of fuel efficiency on the highway.

Disadvantages of Hybrid Cars

1. Accessibility Renting hybrid cars is not always very affordable. Not all companies have hybrid cars and cars in their fleet. If you want to rent a hybrid car, you have to make a reservation in advance, because the demand is higher for these models. Caruno Rent A Car offers you to rent hybrid Crossover SUV cars, but also 4X4 SUVs.
Discover the Caruno-Rent-a-car hybrid car fleet and book such a car for your next trip.

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