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Why do I have to pay a deposit when I rent a car?

When you rent a car of any kind, most car rental companies require a security deposit in case the car is damaged during the rental period.
Before you rent a car you need to consider a few details regarding the deposit:
  • What does a deposit mean?
  • What are the terms and conditions for the deposit?
  • What is the value of the deposit?
  • How do you get back the deposit and when?
Often, the value of the car rental deposit depends on the car model you are hiring and the car rental period.  A high price of the deposit should not be an impediment to choosing the car model, as this entails many advantages.
The high price of the deposit charged for renting a car is offering a double insurance for both the client and the renting company.

The client advantages:
- The client has the guarantee that once he/she made the reservation,  he/she will receive the car rental services required and there are no situations in which he/she will be left at the airport with the reservation paper in their hands.
- The client will be more responsible for the rented car.
- The price paid for the deposit makes the client more responsible for his/her life, and he/ she will drive more cautiously. This responsibility both towards the client and their family is already proven in practice.
The car rental company advantages:
- The high price of the deposit ensures an appropriate behavior from the clients - the company is assured that the vehicle will not be damaged intentionally.
- A high price for the deposit ensures the car company's initial customer deadlines will be respected.
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Why do I have to pay a deposit when I rent a car?