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How do I drive a diesel car correctly?

A diesel car has significant differences from petrol-fueled cars, especially in terms of exploitation. The construction and operating principles of the two types of cars are different, so it is important to know a series of essential rules for long, trouble-free operation.

1.      Starting the car
In the case of a diesel engine, it's good to wait a few moments before starting the engine, especially when it's cold. It’s recommended that you start the car engine only after the lights on the dashboard turn off. If you hurry to start the car, you need to know that the engine is getting wet faster in this way, because it's being forced.

2.      Do not expect to heat up
When we talk about a diesel car, the engine does not warm up on the spot, but only on the job. For it to work at full yield and good consumption, it is very important to be warmed up. Also, unlike gasoline engines, the operating temperature of diesel engines is higher, so do not expect them to heat up.

3.      Don’t let the tank empty
The diesel has a relatively low freezing point, which is why when the temperature reaches -20 degrees, many cars may have trouble starting. It is very important not to leave the tank with a little diesel because condensation is formed and there is a risk that the pump water will freeze with a plug. We advise you to have at least one full quarter tank in order to avoid unpleasant situations that may occur.

4.      Avoid subtraction
Subtraction is not good for any kind of engine, because that's how it's tormented and starts vibrating and shaking. In the case of a diesel car, the engine with a thin engine can seriously affect its proper operation because the engine parts are heavy and the steering wheel will wear the clutch disc and the bearing if it is tormented. At the same time, if the diesel engine is repeatedly shuffled, its supports can break easily, being overloaded due to the vibrations specific to the diesel engines.

5.      Don’t stop the engine if you are stationary for a short time
The diesel engine has the highest consumption and highest wear when starting up. With diesel used by a diesel engine at start-up (about 20ml), it can let the engine run at reel for about 2-5 minutes. Also, when starting the parts wear is high because the parts of such a motor are heavy and the lubrication is not suitable when the engine is at the first revolutions. We recommend that when you stand for 3-5 minutes let the engine go, instead of turning it off and rebooting quickly.

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How do I drive a diesel car correctly?