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How do I choose the adequate rent a car company?

Choosing a car should be conditioned, firstly, by the purpose for which you intend to use it, and the time you wish to spend in the car. Comfort is one that should be a priority at the moment when you are hiring a car, not just the price.
When you decide to rent a car for a certain period of time it is advisable not to stop at the first result that the search engine generates for you. It is recommended a thorough research until you find the right services suited for your needs.
The rent a car company should have a wide range of offers for all tastes, and also the best prices.
You need to consider several things to be convinced that the car rental company, that you choose, is the best choice.

Here are some of them:
1. First, you need to choose a company with experience in car rental, to be sure you do not go wrong.
2. It is very important to have all insurances paid for the car you rent in order to avoid later disappointment due to various factors, and not be put in a position to pay additional fees.
3. The company you choose must have various car models and mainly new cars. The advantages of renting a new car are numerous. Risks of damage are very low, and thus increases passenger safety.
4. THE PRICE it is NOT the most important!!!

You don’t have to stop just at the price when choosing a car. There are many models of cars for rent, at low prices, but this does not guarantee the quality of the car. Always keep in mine that the quality of the car and the quality-price ratio must be definitive in the decision process.
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How do I choose the adequate rent a car company?